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Sinterite is a leading manufacturer of Continuous Mesh Belt Furnaces (also referred to as Conveyor Belt Furnaces). All Sinterite furnaces are custom-designed to your particular specifications and application.The number of controlled heating and cooling zones, length of control zones, cooling zones, belt width, control cabinets, and type of atmosphere control system can all be customized to meet your exact processing needs.
Metallurgical Processes, Sintering, Brazing, Annealing, Tempering, Steam Treating, Drying. Sintering Furnace, Continuous Mesh Belt Furnace, Conveyor Belt Furnace Sinterite Standard Features:

  • Modular Ceramic Fiber Insulation Package
  • Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) or Contactor Power Control
  • Stainless Steel or Ceramic Muffles
  • Silicon Carbide or Metallic Heating Elements
  • Roller Mounted Cooling Chambers for Full Support
  • Digital Zone Control Over-Temperature Safety in Each Zone
  • Atmosphere Systems to NFPA Standards
  • All to NFPA Standards

Available Options:

  • Enhanced Supervisory Control System (Recipes, Data Logging, Trending, Alarm History and Graphical HMI)
  • Stack Emissions Incinerators
  • Dew point, Oxygen, % Hydrogen, Carbon Monitors or Control
  • HyperCooler Sinter-Hardening Units
  • Atmosphere Sampling/Safety Systems
These controlled atmosphere belt furnaces are available with temperature ranges up to 1150°C and with various process atmospheres including hydrogen and nitrogen. BTU designs and manufactures inline controlled atmosphere furnaces for a number applications including:

  • Flux-free Hydrogen wafer bump reflow
  • Glass-to-metal sealing
  • Direct bond copper
  • Brazing
  • Sintering
  • Heat-treating

Fast Fire Nitrogen and Hydrogen Belt FurnacesThese belt furnaces are fully customizable to meet varying process/production requirements. Sinterite companypage

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Stone crusher or even rock crusher is actually widely utilized in mining, smelting, developing supplies, road, railway, drinking h2o conservancy, chemical business, and so on. Stone crusher utilizes high-quality composite wear-resistant supplies which have powerful impact resistance, crack resistance as well as wonderful abrasion resistance, which may be utilized to powerful vibration as well as shock operating problems.

Totally different Kinds of Stone Crushers
Totally different items possess totally different reasons, the listed will certainly introduce all of these with-inside detail. Stone breaking device is definitely an earlier appeared crushing gear.
Due to its straightforward framework, durability, dependable procedure, simple upkeep and fewer production price, till currently It‘s nevertheless widely utilized in metallurgy, chemical business, developing supplies, electrical energy, transportation along with other commercial locations, with regard to crushing just about almost most sorts of ores of the thorough power lower than 350 Mpa. It‘s basically much like the actual stone crushing device.

Stone crushers function giant crushing price, higher yield, equivalent item dimension, straightforward framework, dependable procedure and straightforward upkeep, financial operating prices and so on. Typical kinds of stone crushers tend to be jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, gyratory crusher, roll crusher, hammer crusher as well as cycles crusher, etc many.

  • Jaw Crusher
Jaw crusher is actually chiefly utilized towards the coarse, medium as well as good crushing of sorts of ores as well as rocks whose thorough power is actually 147-245 Mpa, that has this kind of benefits because massive reduction percentage, uniform particle dimension, straightforward framework, dependable function, handy upkeep, reduced operational price, and so on.

  • Cone Crusher
Cone crusher using the operating principle associated with a similar cycle crusher, however as long as damaged or even minor procedures inside the damaged machinery. Minor procedures nesting uniformity associated with the dimensions from the common operating needs compared to the rough damaged higher Thus, inside the crushing chamber ought to be supplied for any segment from the reduce section of the parallel, simultaneously, but additionally quicken the actual cycle damaged cone pace to supplies withinside parallel greater than when the area through extrusion.
Impact Crusher

Impact crusher has the capacity to crush several sorts of supplies along with maximum feed dimension lower than 500 mm as well as crushing power lower than 360 Mpa. Counting on the wonderful overall efficiency, impact crusher is actually widely utilized in expressway construction, hydraulic architectural, construction, mining along with other sectors.

  • Gyratory Crusher
Gyratory Crusher cone crusher is designed inside the cone shell cavity inside the cyclic motion associated with supplies possess squeezed break up as well as bending part damaged just about almost most sorts of coarse ore or even hardness from the rock crusher giant machinery.
Damaged cone along with the highest from the spindle bearing beams inside the main section of the bush, the reduce finish is positioned upon the eccentric hole inside the bushings. Bushings rotation, damaged cone devices about the middle of their marketing strategy to the eccentric cycle is actually damaged to the motion, the significant effectiveness above which from the jaw crusher.
  • Hammer Crusher
Hammer crusher is among the primary gear employed for medium as well as good crushing associated with limestone, coal, granite, gypsum, alum, salt along with other brittle supplies along with medium or even below medium hardness. It‘s the actual attributes associated with massive reduction percentage, higher production capability, actually item granularity, and so on.

  • Roll Crusher
Roll crusher is actually ideal for crushing supplies along with medium hardness, for example limestone, slag, coke, brick, and so on. withinside cement, chemical business, electrical energy, developing supplies, refractory supplies along with other commercial sectors.

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METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments and services for use in laboratories and manufacturing. We offer weighing, analytical and inspection solutions along our customers' value chain to help them streamline processes, enhance productivity, reach compliance with regulatory requirements or optimize cost.
Discover our high end products such as industrial scales, Mettler-Toledo Rainin, LLC pipettes or process analytics equipment. Leading global manufacturer of precision instruments and services for use in laboratories and manufacturing.

Offer weighing, analytical and inspection solutions along our customers' value chain to help them streamline processes, enhance productivity, reach compliance with regulatory requirements or optimize cost.
XPE Analytical Balances

XPE balances offer best weighing performance and support the highest requirements for safety, efficiency, quality assurance and ease of compliance.

XSE Analytical Balances
The perfect solution for a multitude of workplaces: excellent weighing performance, intuitive operation and seamless processes.Reliably and ergonomically handle large numbers of samples - with SmartGrid for fast results and a bright, clear touchscreen to reduce  fatigue.